Love Does Not Exclude Association: About Us

Love Does Not Exclude Association: About Us

The LGBT+ community in Poland faces an unprecedented scale of state-endorsed persecutions.
The president calls us “an ideology,” bishops call us “a plague,” public media suggest we want to harm children.
1/3 of territory of Poland has declared itself “LGBT-free.”
In August, police arrested 50 people for protesting – snatching people from the streets for wearing rainbow emblems.
Every day, we learn about new cases of violence against LGBT+ people.

Help us push back against hate and pull through the growing violence.
We need your solidarity, support, and action!

In order to work effectively we need to be independent. This means we have to rely on community donations.
Support us and help bring the change in Poland!

Who we are

Love Does Not Exclude Association — Stowarzyszenie Miłość Nie Wyklucza is a national non-governmental organization committed to introducing marriage equality in Poland. Our goal is to ensure the right to marry for all, regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

  • We believe that full equality means marriage equality for all.
  • We believe that all families have the right to be happy, safe and respected.
  • We believe that Love Does Not Exclude.

Love Does Not Exclude was founded in 2009 (at first as an informal group) by a team of activists, volunteers and allies committed to securing full equality for LGBT+ persons, especially in terms of their right to marry. Based in Warsaw, we work on a national level, cooperating with several LGBT+ organizations as well as other groups, institutions and individuals who share our ideals of equality.

Love Does Not Exclude

Our goals

  • To educate and to promote the idea of marriage equality in Poland
  • To build a community of allies, public persons, non-governmental organizations and political parties supporting the right to marry for all
  • To support and strengthen the LGBT+ community in Poland
  • To gather knowledge and know-how
  • To create legal tools for preparing the introduction of marriage equality law in Poland.

Our Successes

Warsaw Mayor Signs the LGBT+ Declaration

trzaskowski warszawska deklaracja lgbt+ zdjecie milosc nie wyklucza
Representatives of Love Does Not Exclude and other LGBT+ NGOs with City officials and Mayor of Warsaw holding the signed Declaration. Source: Warsaw Municipality / UM Warszawa


On Monday 18th February 2019 Rafał Trzaskowski, the Mayor of Warsaw, signed the LGBT+ Declaration, the first document of its kind in Central-Eastern Europe. Written and negotiated by the Love Does Not Exclude (Miłość Nie Wyklucza) Association’s initiative, the Declaration guarantees the fulfillment of some of the basic needs of the LGBT+ community, enabling the local administration to provide what the national government refuses to administer. Main points of the declaration include:

  • Creation of the LGBT+ Interventional Hostel will be a shelter and safe haven for all those in need. Many teenagers lose their housing after coming out to their family members and get rejected by them. Transgender people very often encounter problems within their work environment or struggle to find a job at all, consequently becoming unable to pay the rent. The Hostel can prevent them from being stripped of one of basic human rights which is to have a place to live.
  • Creation of the LGBT+ Community Center should be a way to build a stronger, self-supporting, self-organised, and more aware community of people who inspire and help each other, supporting grassroots movements by creating safe environment for meetings, independent activities, and reaching for help.
  • The ‘Lighthouse Keeper’ project aims to prevent victimisation of children and adolescents on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity in school environment. Every student will gain access to anti-discrimination and sex education.
  • Introduction of local crisis intervention system will address emergency cases, where immediate psychological and legal support is needed.

Equality Prom Dance

“The Equality Prom Dance stands for marching into the future and this is why we want to dance to it. We want to march into a better future, better for Poland, better for us, where we show tolerance towards one another, love one another and we are sensitive towards each others’ needs. We all have a right to love whoever we choose.” The following motion picture was filmed during the Prom at Bednarska High School 19.01.2019. Visit polonezrównoś to see how you may support the movement.

Indestructible Rainbow

Love Always Wins!

On June 8, day before the Warsaw Pride, the iconic Rainbow monument, previously removed after being burned down by homophobic vandals, has returned for one evening to the city center! The event has been organized by Love Does Not Exclude Association, Equality Parade, and Ben&Jerry’s Poland was a symbol of love, equality, and reconciliation. It was a manifesto of a wish for Warsaw to become a city where everyone can feel safe and respected.

It is also the first step in a campaign for marriage equality which aims to introduce same-sex marriage law in Poland, because Love Does Not Exclude!

What we do

Marriage Equality. Beginners’ Guide


Równość małżeńska. Przewodnik dla początkujących, Love Does Not ExcludeWe published the first open-licensed “manual” on marriage equality in Poland: “Równość małżeńska. Przewodnik dla początkujących” (“Marriage Equality. Beginners’ Guide”). It provides answers to frequently asked questions and to arguments against same-sex marriage, explaining the possible consequences of introducing of marriage equality. The book provides its readers with the best tool in the fight for equality: knowledge.

'Article 18'. First documentary on (lack of) marriage equality in Poland

Article 18 film about lack of marriage equality in Poland, Love Does Not Exclude

“Article 18” is the first documentary on (lack of) marriage equality in Poland realised by a team of volunteers from Love Does Not Exclude Association.
It follows two Polish same-sex couples who emigrated to the United Kingdom to get married and raise their children. Parallel to their stories the film explains the political, societal, and religious background of Polish homophobia and the growing gap between ideals of freedom and equality after the fall of communism. You can watch it here

Continuous social campaign


We have been running a continuous social campaign for the right to marry since 2009. Our legal experts co-wrote the civil unions bills introduced to the Polish parliament in 2013.

Social media

Media społecznościowe

We reach a community of more than 30 thousand followers via social media. We run one of the most visible fanpages addressing LGBT+ issues in Poland. We react, inform and engage.

Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tik tok.

Alliance for marriage equality


We build a community of allies of marriage equality.

Social research

Badania społeczne

We conduct social research. In 2015 we published reports on support and attitudes towards marriage equality in Poland (nationwide quantitative poll) and qualitative reports on LGBT+ community in Poland. We publish regular updates on the report and monitor social support trends.

Legal tools and lobbying


We are lobbying for equality and developing legal tools. We consult with political parties and public institutions, write drafts of bills and participate in press conferences, representing the voice of LGBT+ community.

Strategic litigation

LItygacja strategiczna

Together with a coalition of LGBT+ and human rights organizations, as well as law firms, we initiated strategic litigation by supporting the case of several Polish same-sex couples who will sue the Polish state in the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

LGBT+ visibility

WidocznośćWe support the organizers of Warsaw Pride (Parada Równości) and other marches in several cities all over the country. We ensure visibility of LGBT+ community during public demonstrations for democracy and women’s rights by running the “Rainbow for Democracy” campaign (“Tęcza dla demokracji”).

Strengthening LGBT+ community

SpołecznośćWe work for stronger LGBT+ community and organizations in Poland. We organize congresses and meetings of activists, build coalitions, and drive cooperation between different groups and associations.


If you believe that Love Does Not Exclude, work with us for equality!

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